21 Day Fix – Day 8

Wow, You Guys! The First Day Of Our Second Week!! We Are Amazing! Ha!

Today, I thought what a great way to spend #motivationalmonday but by motivating ourselves learning all about other people’s successes!? You don’t have to search very far online to find so very many people who have tried and succeeded with this life change plan. And, honestly, since the 21 Day Fix makes it soooo simple by just offering containers (versus the dreaded calories vs. carbs vs. fat counting approach! Ugh!), it really should be something that is easy to try, easy to stick to, and easy to succeed at!


We All Need Those Pick-Me-Ups Once In A While!

Just when you think that it’d be so easy to just sneak that buttery pastry with your breakfast, or a couple of innocent cookies for a snack (come on… they’re calling out to you after all… “Eat me! Eat me!”), take a moment to reflect on the fact that you are making a lifestyle change here, my friend. Changing your way of thinking. Learning to earn your treats and to think about things before mindlessly putting them into your body.

This is where these success stories can really help! When you take a moment to read about what other people are doing, how they are struggling – just like you! – and how they found somewhere down deep within themselves the courage and strength to push away one pastry at a time, or to grab an apple instead of those cookies, you find a renewed strength within yourself…


If They Can Do It, So Can We!!!

21 Day Fix Results: Kourtney Lost 85 Pounds And Won $6,000!

I love this woman’s story! Working mom, dedicated to her kids, wants to be a great example to them for a healthy way of life… So many great quotes from her, but here are just a few of my favs:

I read a quote that said, “If you want different results, you need to do something different.” I signed up for the 21 Day Fix the next day and so my journey began.

Unlike other programs the 21 Day Fix really teaches you how to make life changes. This program is not a quick fix that results in regaining the weight lost. This program rewires your brain and helps you create new healthy habits.

YES!! Is this not what we’ve been talking about all along? Read the full story here > It’ll inspire you for sure!

21 Day Fix Results: Lateisha Lost 45 Pounds In Five Months!

This one is a fantastic story from a younger, college-days version of myself lol.  Truly amazing how someone so young found such amazing drive within herself, and yet still managed to deal with the social situations of college, friends, entertainment. A little quote from her interview:

The greatest challenge I faced before I started the program was that I didn’t how to eat clean and healthy for my body. 21 Day Fix helped me by telling me my calorie goal to lose weight, and the program provided containers to teach me how to eat a balanced meal. The eating plan was very simple and effective. After a month of using 21 Day Fix, I had a better understanding of what a healthy meal looked like.

Read her full story here >

21 Day Fix Results: Todd Lost Over 70 Pounds And Won $1,000!

Now THIS is an amazing story! His plight really mirrors so many of us who have struggled with weight issues our whole lives…

My entire life I have struggled with weight. I was very active playing softball, hockey, and numerous other sports, but no matter how active I was, the weight never changed. I have tried everything soup diets, fitness programs, and the gym, but nothing seemed to help. The worst part is I knew how to fix it but was never given the direction to accomplish my goal.

Besides the 72 LBS and the 40+ inches I have lost my proudest achievement is my self-confidence. When you are overweight and out of shape it is amazing how down you can get on yourself and how quickly you forget yourself. Beachbody allowed me to get past that and be me.

And, he looks great too! What a story! It helps to have a partner in crime on your journey. His wife was that for him… Read his story here >


Time For Our Success

What a great inspirational way to start the day! Think about it… every day that we wake up, and push through… and every time we sit down for a meal or snack and make one healthy choice over a less-than ideal choice… we are in the process of writing our own success story!

And someday, we’ll use that success story to share with others who have been struggling just like we have. I’m looking forward to that!

Refer to the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan for a complete outline of today’s food!


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