21 Day Fix – Day 14

Sunday! Our Second Week Successfully Behind Us!

Are you excited?! Nervous? Starting to wish you hadn’t had that second Nanaimo bar at your friend’s wedding last night?? (Just me? Sigh, ok.)

Tomorrow marks the final week to put to the test how we do on this healthy eating thing. We already know it’s not a fad. We can feel the difference in our bodies… Our digestive system workings, we’re feeling less bloated, maybe our pants are fitting just a little better because of it.


How About Your Energy Levels?

Are you finding that, between the better eating, the necessary water that your body needs and the daily physical activity that you’re energy levels are up overall?

I mean, I’m still tired at the end of the day, don’t get me wrong (between food planning, meal prep, work, blogging, household stuff, the dog…. my mind is mush most of the time lol), but I am finding that my stamina is increasing. Yes, I’m sleepy, but I am feeling it closer to 9pm instead of 8 (which I’m sure my hubby appreciates!), but I also find throughout the day that I have more push when I’m doing my tasks, and not faltering on them, both physically or in mental clarity.

Subtle changes, but I can still feel them.

How About Eating Out?

Have you had opportunity to test out your portion knowledge there? I found that, over the weekend, in hotels, restaurants, family and also at the wedding, that I was looking at foods with respect to their counts as much as possible. And when given the choice to select on my own (restaurants, hotel) I was selecting foods from the menu that I knew I could put “into containers” for a daily count.

Especially yesterday (Saturday) – this was the wedding day, and I knew that the dinner was completely up in the air as far as knowing what to count, and so I wanted to make sure that I was really watching what went in for the rest of the day.

For example, at the hotel on Saturday morning, I elected for hard boiled eggs, yoghurt, 1 toast + 1 tsp butter, and a portion of fruit.


For lunch at the restaurant, I looked for menu items that I could count using their listed ingredients, and stayed away from things that I could not so easily count, making sure I got in my veggies and fruits.



Knowing full well that I was not going to have control over all of the foods I ate this weekend (when you visit other people, sometimes you have to make allowances for what they are serving, especially if cleaner options are not provided). I did select clean foods wherever I could.

But I also knew that this was our treat weekend (really, it was supposed to be a treat day, but it kinda got spread throughout the entire weekend, here and there).

Rhubarb pie for dessert on Friday – but for the main dish, I made sure to have lotsa of fresh non-creamy salad and a portioned amount of my yellows and reds (counting in my head, of course, as I did not whip out my handy dandy containers at Auntie’s house!).

(Speaking of rhubarb… THIS little no-sugar-added jam is AMAZING and 21 Day Fix friendly! Yeah baby! Thanks, Auntie for sending us home with a bunch to cook with!)

Saturday at the wedding, there was no wedding cake, however there was a sweet bar, and I did indulge on a couple of Nanaimo bars, and a donut hole. Dinner was also considered a treat meal as it was a buffet style with not a lot of clean options… I grabbed salad and meat where I could, but there was also pyrogies and potato salad. I kept the portions small for anything I couldn’t track, but enjoyed myself (remember, it was treat night).

Overall, I think we did pretty good. Can’t beat yourself up about an out-of-town wedding lol. Just gotta go with it and do what you can, when you can.

Ooooo but I also got in lotsa exercise with tons of dancing! So, that counts! Ha!

Planning For The Third Week

The beginning of the last week. As I was doing the meal plan for this week, I was making sure that I was really diligent in ensuring that we stayed the course. It’s time to shine! That one final push to redeem any missteps along the way.

Let’s not miss those walks and activity every day! Let’s ensure we are not missing any veggies, or overdoing the yellow counts (aka, no drinking a bottle of wine – or two – this week lol).


Drink every glass of water on your count!

And let’s not forget to go into our push week with the knowledge that our bodies are changing from the inside out. Some people may notice a  big change, and some may notice a slight change. But change is not all about what can be measured by a scale.

And this won’t be the last 21 Day Fix challenge that we do. We are going to weigh ourselves one week from now, note the change, and then we’re going to pick right back up and do it all over again!

It’s about making a sustainable lifestyle change, my friends! This first three weeks is just to get us started on the right mindset, get us thinking for ourselves while we’re meal planning, and get us to open our minds and hearts about the foods we eat, allowing ourselves those treats after we’ve worked so hard to earn them, and remembering to love ourselves for exactly who we are, in this moment right now!

Refer to the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan for a complete outline of today’s food!


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