21 Day Fix – Day 21

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!! 21 Days Done…
The Rest Of The World In Front Of Us!



I know I sure did! Wow, what a feeling! Here we are, the last morning of the challenge and I’m soooo proud that we did it! And truthfully, aside from tons of pictures and new recipes and the occasional carb craving, it wasn’t all that bad!

In fact, hubby and I were sitting last night and chatting about the whole experience – checking in with each other – and we decided together that we really think this can be sustainable. We can really live like this – clean, healthy, and feeling good, not only systemically throughout our body’s actions, but also psychologically – knowing that we’re taking control back over what we put into our bodies and why.


Have You Visited The Scale This Morning?

Seriously, after you peed and before you put on clothes? LOL. If you’re going to do it, try to do it in the exact same way and time that you first weighed yourself – that will give you an accurate comparison.

Now, I know that this whole adventure has not only been about weight… in fact, we wanted to primarily focus on habit and change – creating a way of life so that when we DO start losing weight, it will be something we can keep off – for good!

Some of you may notice a lots of change! And I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Good for you! Keep it up.

Now, the rest of you may have noticed just a little bit of change. I AM SOOOO VERY PROUD OF YOU TOO!!!! In fact, while I’m proud of all of you, I am especially rooting for you guys. Why? Well, sometimes when you just notice a little change it can be hard to keep going. But don’t forget what we spoke about near the beginning of the journey – this first time around, most of the changes you are going to experience won’t even be noticeable on the outside.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • If you have spent a life of yo-yo dieting, you will likely drop weight faster in the beginning, but breaking your plateau later on will be a little harder
  • If you are significantly over weight, you will also likely lose weight quicker in the beginning than someone who has very little to lose; but don’t despair, my Skinny Minnys – we are all working towards the same end result of feeling better, living better, and just overall increasing our happiness.


It’s All Relative!

I promise you that if you have stuck to these past 3 weeks, you have been treating your body to a wonderful rejuvenation of healthy foods and good habits. Here’s a recap of some of those great things from my earlier post:

The bulk of the changes that are happening for you right now are things you can’t see or measure on a scale. You may have already noticed that by increasing your veggies and decreasing your carbs and increasing your healthy oils that your – er – plumbing is very happy. But aside from that, there are a lot of other great things happening (taken from a fantastic coaches article):

  • “Good” enzymes are increasing
  • Energy-producing mitochondria are multiplying
  • Your cholesterol is falling
  • Your arteries are clearing
  • Your blood vessels are becoming more efficient
  • Your muscles are getting stronger
  • Your bone density is improving

THIS is your greatest gain! Weight loss will come, maybe fast at first, maybe slower. But when you’re doing is changing your whole entire WORLD!!! THAT is your accomplishment! Feel good about that!

So…. Are You Dying To Know How I Did?!?


See that cute chick right there? That’s me… sitting atop the FIFTEEN POUNDS that I have lost in the last 3 weeks!!!!! Woohoo!!!!

That’s crazy!!! 15 lbs… geez. That’s like 3 bags of potatoes, or a whole human being (when humans are that tiny!). Gotta say, I really wasn’t expecting a whole lot from my own body, given my propensity to struggle for every half pound I lose, but damn, girl, this kicks @$$!

And as we move forward into my next 21 Day Fix, I am going to promise myself to stay off of the scales every damn day, or from focusing too long and hard on the weight. My goals are bigger. I want a good quality of life. I want mobility into the next chapters of my life. I want to feel good about eating right, and avoid those crazy binge sessions from our past.


Here’s Looking At You!

I’m so happy. Truly. And I really feel like our health is benefiting in leaps and bounds. And I’m happy to have gained the knowledge that I have. And I’m very happy that you have come along with me on this journey.

Honestly – I have to thank you for holding me accountable. Every day – like, literally from the second morning – you have kept me focused on the food. Kept me moving forward, just knowing that I am sharing my every move with you. It’s helped me to continue to make good choices.

You guys rock!

I wanna see before’s and afters. We don’t have to share them publicly, or if you wanna become a part of my weekly check-ins with all of you, feel free to send me your story, photos, gains and loses. That would be fantastic! Let me know – seriously – send me an email to info (at) recipesbyjenn.com. Those come directly to me, and I will read every one of them and celebrate with you! I’m so excited!


Moving Forward

Need help planning for your next 21 days? Download my Full Fix Meal Plan. It’ll give you all you need for the next 21 days. Then you can rotate those meals with the ones from the last 21 days to give yourself lotsa options!

Refer to the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan for a complete outline of today’s food!